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 Since its inception, Child Evangelism Fellowship® has placed an emphasis on training children's workers for ministry. We train workers who serve in our own club ministries, but also provide training to encourage and strengthen children's teachers in the local church.

The Salem County Chapter of CEF® offers varied training options to meet the needs of local teachers.

Teacher Enrichment Seminars. Typically held once in the fall and as needed throughout the year, these one-day seminars include both basic and advanced subjects to equip teachers for success in a teaching ministry to children.

Good News Club® Training. All club teachers and helpers are encouraged to attend GNC®Curriculum-Based Seminars throughout the school year. In addition to providing helps for teaching the upcoming lesson series and/or party clubs, the workshops include make & take sessions, practical enrichment training and fellowship/idea exchanges with other teachers. Both present and prospective club workers are welcome.

Summer Ministry Training. Each June we offer training for workers who will serve as volunteers in our summer 5-Day Club® programs. The emphasis is on presenting the message of salvation, counseling children for salvation, and teaching memory verses and songs. This training is suitable not only for CEF workers, but for summer missions teams who will be conducting VBS or other ministry to children.

Teaching Children Effectively™ (TCE™). The TCE program is designed to train children's workers and parents to evangelize and disciple children. Level 1 equips students with basic skills to evangelize children and to teach them in a neighborhood GNC, public school ministry or local church. Level 2 trains students to lead saved children in the process of spiritual growth and to establish a biblical worldview. If interested in a local course, please contact the office.

Workshops & Seminars for churches. CEF works with local partnering churches to offer training to their Sunday School teachers and other children's workers. This training may take the form of a 2-hour seminar or an all-day workshop. Our highly qualified instructors will work with a church to customize a training solution to encourage teachers and help them be more effective in their ministry using their existing curriculum. If we can help your church in this way, please contact us.

Christian Youth in Action® (CYIA) Training. The Salem County Chapter trains our CYIA summer missionaries through the CEF of NJ CYIA Training School. 

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